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Optimatt pad is composed of non allergic synthetic hair & jute felt with non-washable heated fused rubber back. Performs as well on wall-to-wall carpet as it does on hard surfaces. Place the reverse waffle "tentacle grip"" side face down on hard floors and you have more gripping power than any other pad. Turn the pad over-rubber side up - and you have a pad that keeps area rugs securely in place over wall- to-wall carpeting. The surface is specially treated to provide extra grip and prevent fraying.


Why to use a good Quality Rug Pad ?

A good rug pad will provide cushion between the rug and your hard floors which will help prevent wear - protecting your investment.


A well made rug pad is soft, luxurious and resilient, compressing underfoot and bounding right back for your comfort.A fine rug pad can prevent accidents by keeping rugs from slipping or buckling - keeping you and your family safe.


Our standard pad Optimat B which is 5mm (1/4") thick

"To purchase custom cut or any special size pad please contact us.


Optimatt pads are non-refundable.

A custom cut Optimatt pad $2.75 per sq.ft


Optimatt pad is the most popular pad we sell. 

We carry a variety of other pads as well (Ultimat, Slimmat, etc.)

Feel free to contact us for more information. 


Free Shipping and Handling in Continental USA

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